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    I am trialing Chatter using POP only. I also use verichat, will there be any conflict? Seems like I read on some thread about some conflict. I did use Snapper trial but want to try both before I buy.


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    If your only using POP3 with Chatter, you should not have any issues with Verichat. The two can have some conflicts when Chatter is used with an online IMAP account. The conflict has to do with the way the two programs share the data connection.
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    I use both Chatter with an IMAP account and Verichat. Seems to work. I do find in general that I get some crashes with Verichat installed which I don't get when it's not installed - but far fewer when Verichat is the *last* software installed. Couldn't say why. Oh, I do have Verichat always-on in SMS mode.

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