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    After reading the Getting Things Done productivity book, I've re-dedicated myself to using "mind mapping" as a brainstorming tool instead of outlining. After searching futilely through palmgear and other sites (yes, google too).

    There is an GNU-licensed tool called Freemind written in Java. I'm not clear exactly what steps I need to go through to try it out on my Treo 600. It looks like I need to buy the JRE from Palm for $6. That's not a problem, though I haven't done it yet.

    I'm wondering how to install and run a java program that hasn't been specifically packaged for the Palm environment. Has anyone gone through this proces for this program or a similar one? Is there a commercial program worth paying for, if this is too much of a pain? I see that MindJet's MindManager Mobile is mired in a lack-of-upgrade cycle. Any other options or help?
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    Is this a jar file you're dealing with? There's a utility called, I think, jar2prc but I've never tried to use it. Either way, you will need to download J2ME.
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    I've used Freemind and do GTD, but I can't imagine FM being remotely practical on the Treo's tiny screen, even at 360 x 360, much less at half the resolution. Mindmapping software need a lot of real estate since you're dealing with multiple objects consisting of circles and boxes eveloping words.

    If you're really committed to brainstorming on the Treo, you'll probably be better off with an outliner like Bonzai instead (similar in procedure to Allen's recommendation of using Word in Outline format). Brainstorming of any kind is slow enough on a full-size computer, but using a low-res handheld running a prc-converted graphical Java app would be way too much overhead, even in the unlikely event that it's technically possible.

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