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    I was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations as to a word processor program that's both inexpensive and simple.

    I don't really need something fully comparable to Word, but now that I've got a stowaway, I'd just like the chance to see something with a tad more versatility and features than the included memo pad.

    It'd be a great perk if the program was freeware or rather cheap (under $15).
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    I can't say enough about the first wordprocessor that I've tested that is as complete and seamless as WordSmith.

    Plus, it's currently in beta and you can download it for free. But I'm SURE you'll love the program so much that you'll want to pay the authors their fee. They deserve it!

    It works great with my Stowaway and they newer beta version fixes a few bugs.

    But the WYSIWYG interface is IMPRESSIVE.

    Good luck!
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    You may also want to try QED or SmartDoc. Pedit seems cool too but I haven't tried it too much.

    I know with Smartdoc you can do some stuff back and forth with word. But WordSmith definitely is intriguing to me.

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