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    Any good Volume Boosts for the Treo 650 that I don't have to pay for?
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    I suggest buying Volume Care. A lot of work has gone into building this application and it is not too expensive.
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    You're probably right. I just feel that my costs are going way up since I bought my Treo.
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    TCPMP has a built-in preamplifier that controls volume very nicely for music (mp3s, etc.). I don't know of any freeware volume booster for the phone. But you might check
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    VC is the only way to go IMO. It is an additional cost, but an essential one
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    Handango is having some specials right now where you get random offers when you add items to your cart. I kept adding different things to my cart until I got the 25% off coupon, then I bought just VolumeCare Pro.. Final cost was $14.96. Not bad for a great piece of software.

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