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    Hola Threads,

    I've had my Treo 650 since Sept 05, working fine except for those pesky incompatible software issues.

    Monday a new breed of problems started. Until then I haven't had problems in about a month or so, I had some drop calls but the software upgrade from palm cleared that up.

    On Monday I started having 3 types of problems:
    1) I try calling out to a number I've been calling lately and sometimes I get the totally different connection. Say for example I've been calling DirectTV over the past few weeks well sometimes I get connected with triple A...or if I try to call 611...I get the pizza shop. The numbers aren't changed in my contacts, they are all correct and back'd up properly on my desktop.

    2) The second and most anoying problem is sometimes also when I dial out and get connected properly, no one can hear me...hands free, blue tooth Jabra 250, handset mode, speaker mode, no dice...No one can hear me.

    3) The third and final issue is the most fun. I say this because it can hear other people talk when I dial out. The number or I try dialing doesn't go through, but I can hear sometimes teleconferences for companies. Monday they were discussing Oracle data bases and the integration of their products thereof they had negative criticism for some company(I'll leave that out for now). Yesterday I got this Japanese conversation, I think it was Japanese or maybe Korean, not Chinese. Yesterday I got a customer service phone call, they were discussing the persons billing and account numbers. Today there was another call in progress I got tired of listening to others ****, I just want my thing to work again. Kinda sucks when you depend on someting and it craps out...I'm unemployed job hunting and no landline to back me up.

    Cingular says they will refurb exchange or send me a new (most likely the first). I was hoping things could be cleared up without exchanging for some beat up piece of junk.

    But since speaking with 8 different deptarment/bi coastal tech support reps yesterday for 2 hours in the Hoboken Cingular store(the sales reps were too busy playing loud music). Customer service there stinks by the way. And the SIM card reader in the store doesn't work, no one seemed too concern about it. The manager seemed upset but the sales reps should be fired.

    Oh yeah it would be nice if the Cingular site actually gave you useful instructions on how to contact them if your phone isn't working. Seems like evey time I dial 611 I get connected intoa conference call for some company.

    Any idea about what the problem could be? I'm thinking network related or SIM card. I was re-assured that was not the problem.


    Big Brother Cingular sucks the big one...when you brag and offer to invite yourself into someones personal communications activities and then do a shoddy job. You have no right to be offended by their criticism of your performance...such as my unemployed self job hunting with a gimped cell phone and no landline.
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    Sounds like a carrier issue.
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    Try 1-800-801-1101 it's Cingular's Express Exchange number. The first step in the exchange program is to talk to Tech Support.

    I can empathize with your headaches. I ended up resolving the problems on my Treo right after the Exchange phone shipped and thankfully so. The phone I received had 11,290 minutes on it.

    I guess if i wasn't able to fix my Treo, such a high mileage phone would have been better than no phone at all. I still don't think it's right to exchange a two month old phone with 140 minutes on it with one that is much older and with considerably more minutes on it.

    Good luck with it. I wonder if you have a corrupt Sim card that's picking up other towers?

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