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    My 650 is getting a little worn out. Just general wear and tear but I want it to look new again... is there a way to send it in and have it refurbished? I can't afford a new one now so I figured I can make mine like new again. Any possibility?
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    Even refurbished would cost you some money. Don't you use a case or something?
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    I do have a rubber skin but I don't use it ALL the time. I mean, my T650 is fine, doesn't look all that bad just curious for the future I suppose.
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    A known defect is that regular use of the headphone jack will break it. Then bring it in for a refurbished unit. Let the flames begin
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    Just don't forget the nominal deductable that replacing a broken phone often costs with these insurance policies. My Sprint policy has a $50 deductable, my wife's t-mobile has a $110 deductable on her new T809.
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    If you want it to "look" new then check out ebay for some replacement covers. (The same kind that they sell for just about ALL of the Nokia throw aways)
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