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    I'm dropping Sprint. (Different thread, different forum.) I'm considering picking up an unlocked Treo 650 and dropping my AT&T/Cingular SIM card in it from work.

    Here is my question:
    - With my Sprint 650 I have a program on there called "Business Connection" that allows me to sync with my Lotus Notes at my office. (There is an agent that runs on my PC at work.)

    Is there something equivalent that I can run on an unlocked/unbranded Treo 650? The BizCon software seems to interact with Sprint in some way.

    Any help in this direction would be most appreciated.

    (Also: The unlocked T650 is $549 at our airport Palmone store. I'm wondering if it would be smarter to see what's coming out in 2006 ... other than the 700w ...)
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    There a few options for syncing with notes, check the sync sub thread under applications. I've used mnotes for lotus sync but had problems so I switched to Snappermail and an IMAP connection. Not pretty but it works flawlessly, just no contacts sync.

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    Unfortunately we don't have IMAP set up for Notes. Grrr ....
    Thanks though. It does look like I'm going to be using a 3rd party solution.

    As to the other part of my question: Is it wise to buy a 650 now, or should I wait a few months to see what's coming down the pike?
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    Depends on what you need, does the 650 meet your needs? Every 3 months or so osmething newer and re: better is going to come out and try to de-throne the treo. After 2.5 years (600 and 650) it hasn't happened yet. I don't see much myself coming in the future that seems appealing to me, I love the palm OS and untill a Razor sized palm OS6 320x480 clamshell comes out i'll stick with my 650. Truely it al depends on what you want/need. I'd be hard pressed to find a need the treo lacks or can't do that right now another model can (note with the right software).

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    I guess I'm curious at the moment about what other Palm based devices are coming out in 2006.

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