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  1.    #1 started like this...about three or four weeks ago the letters on my keypad when I wrote SMS and emails varied between LoWerCAsE and UpPercAsE (very annnoying not to mention unprofessional).

    Then I started to notice that my phone would "freeze up" when I attempted to do too many things at once (ie-end one phone call as another comes in while I am checking my calender).

    Most recently my keypad is frequently not responsive although my touch screen is. This has become extremely frusterating and ineffecient. Oh also my phone has had sporatic trouble hot synching. Up until about a month ago I have had no real problems with the phone. The extra programs I have on my Treo I have had since I got the phone six months ago are:AOL, Adobe Reader, Docments to Go.

    Any suggestions? Hard reset (not that I know how to do that)? Any help would be sooo appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Did you have a prior Palm OS device and did you just sync to it's userid to upgrade to the Treo 650. (This can cause many issues, some soon, some later.)

    Anyway, it sounds like you may have some software corruption we need to clean up. This is done by a hard reset and a clean install. I will be right back, going to get the links:
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    hard reset instructions:

    The hard reset puts the Treo back in an out of box state. If it is still acting up in this state, it is probably a hardware issue.

    The clean install keeps you from loading 3rd party software on your next hotsync to keep any corrupted software from being returned to the unit, just your PIM data comes back. Then you reinstall 3rd party software fresh from scratch. This should get rid of the problems.

    Cheers, Perry.
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