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    I am using the most current release (, registered). Almost every email I receive has an attachment named HTML.txt. It is typically the body of the email itself (which is visible on the screen without opening the attachment). Is there any way to suppress this attachment? I would like the paper clip to show only if a "true" attachment (.doc. .pdf) is attached.
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    Is this on a Treo 600?

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    No. A 650, Verizon Treo 650-1.04-VZW.
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    What version of ChatterEmail? I don't have any reports of seeing those on a T650.

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    I have a Sprint T650, and I get these html.txt files often also.
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    I am using Version, registered.
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    Huh. I use a Sprint T650 myself, and haven't seen one in months. Moreover, "Html.txt" doesn't appear anywhere in the Chatter code, so it must be coming from your server(s). Can one (or both) of you send me a verbose log showing the loading of a message containing one of these? Instructions in the FAQ at

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    I just sent you a log with a few new emails with the html.txt attchment.
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    Mine is VZW 1.04 and i get it to on all emails...
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    One other piece of information-I tried the built in Mail client and VersaMail (both just to see if the html.txt attachment showed up) and the file doesn't show up on either one.
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    This is POP3 then, I assume?

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    Sorry, I thought I had said that this was POP3-my bad. My firm has a hang-up about the Virtual IMAP thing on the Exchange server, so they have enabled POP3 for those of us that refuse to move to a BlackBerry.
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    You might try the OWA software which is in open (and extended) beta in the meantime (i.e. while I take a look).

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    Thanks - will do. I will let you know what I learn.
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    Hi Marc

    I too have had this thing for a very long time.

    I am using POP3 accounts (2) and whether or not i was using the BETA or STANDARD i would get the following extra files:

    HTML~abcdefghi....txt (wher abc...= #)
    or CE~#######.html.txt
    or ~CE~#######.txt
    or *.dat (rare but it happens)

    Each of these files is at most 10k (and I say at most usually 5k a pop). They really dont eat up too much memory but from time to time they have to be cleaned out, and its nice to see the overall file space increase.

    I also have all the messages sent to my SD card, so I would guess that these are small footprints of the html emails leaving its mark on the unit itself.

    Its not a major problem, just has been happening ever since to the time of Beta 1.0 (if not before)
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    I set up an IMAP account and set up Chatter to use with the IMAP server. I do NOT get any of the html.txt attachments with this configuration, so it seems to be a result of my server/Chatter POP3 combination. Just thought I would pass it on.
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    I am getting a html.txt attachment as well. I am accessing my mail through a POP3 server. This usually occurs when I need to download more of an email.
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    Good point. I just noticed that it only seems to happen when I load more of a message that was truncated on the initial connection. Messages that load in their entirety on the initial connect come across clean.
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    It's the HTML part of mixed text/html messages, and this only happens with POP3 messages.

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    When the messages are deleted should the HTML~ and CE~ files also be deleted?
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