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    ZERO-OUT RESET YOUR DEVICE!!!!! Not Hard Reset. ZERO-OUT, its the only way to be sure. Then carefully install the latest rev of all your other applications, one by one, testing along the way..
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    I have had the same problme since using Chatter. I love it but it has been the only significant change to my 650 and it has acted very unstable in recent weeks -- repeated resets and freezing. I have done a number of hard resets and carefully added programs back. Chatter seems to be the thing that starts the pattern again.

    Are there programs that Chatter is known to not work well with?
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    Marc is pretty responsive over at My personal belief is that Chatter gets blamed alot for crashes because its constantly in memory and working for the 'always connected mailbox experience'. Since 1.17 CING updater and zero-out reset we've not had a single crash for ... 3 weeks now? Lovin it. Now if I could get this verdarned Seidio GPS cradle to work correctly... grrr
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