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    Where does the Treo keep the photos I snapped int he "Contacts" app?

    The photos that are taken using the "Camera" can be viewed using the "Media" app. But somehow I can't find the photos that I snapped while in "Contacts."

    When you edit a contact, you can put a picture in either from the camera or the photos. If you choose camera, then the camera app appears. One would think that the resulting photo would be kept in the same place as any other photos that you take from the camera app. Not so. I can't seem to find the resulting photos that I took from "Contacts."

    Am I missing something?

    Sorry if my English is not clear. It's not my first language.
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    Hi thumb-tied !!


    Setting up Photo Caller ID
    There's a new feature in the Treo 650 that wasn't in previous smartphones: you now have the ability to attach a photo to a Contact. Not only will the photo appear on your screen when that person calls you, but you can also see the photo whenever you visit your Contacts list. The Photo Caller ID will appear when that person calls you from any of the numbers in their Contacts listing (Home, Mobile, Work, etc.)

    Press Phone/Send .

    Using the 5-way button, launch Contacts.

    Start typing the person's first or last name to begin an automatic search, and locate the person in the Contacts list.
    Highlight the Contact's name, and press Center.

    On the Contact screen, select Edit.

    On the Contact Edit screen, there will be a box for a Picture. When you tap on the box, you see two choices:
    Camera: If the person is standing right in front of you, you can take a picture of that person now. Note: Photos that you take from this view of the Contacts application will not be stored with the rest of your photos in the Media (Pics & Videos) application. It will be a small-format picture that's stored in a Contacts database, for use only by the Contacts application.
    Photos: You can choose an existing photo stored in the Media (Pics & Videos) application to represent the person. Note: When you choose an existing photo, it will be stored as a special downsized version in the Contacts application. If you happen to delete the original photo in the Media (Pics & Videos) application, the special downsized version will still be visible in the Contacts application.
    Now, when that person calls you, the Photo Caller ID will appear on your Treo's screen.

    Cheers, Perry
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    Thanx for the answer. Hmm, info about Treo... located on the Palm site. Wow, what an innovation <slaps own forehead>
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    Quote Originally Posted by thumb-tied
    Thanx for the answer. Hmm, info about Treo... located on the Palm site. Wow, what an innovation <slaps own forehead>
    Un-slap that head! I wasn't sure, so I had to go look. Rather than take credit for knowing, I just pasted the info.

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    I accidentally "overwrote" one of my contact's pictures. How do I recover the picture from the hotsync backup on my PC? That is, which file stores the picture information so I can bring it back?

    Note: I purposefully haven't hotsynched since losing the picture so that I can recover it. It is not stored with pictures b/c I took it with the camera directly in the contacts.

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