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    I've had my Treo 650 for almost 2 months now. After I delete a message in my inbox while using versamail, I then close out of versamail. When I go back to check for new messages using versamail, the same messages that I deleted are new messages in my inbox again. I do not click the option to "also delete message on server"

    It doesn't occur every time. I believe I've found a trend that if I recieve 1 new email (that I haven't previously viewed), all the other emails in my webmail's inbox show up as new email in my versamail inbox.

    Any ideas?
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    I do the following:

    Leave mail on the server after downloading to VersaMail
    Delete mail on the server after deleting from Versamail

    Works for me.

    In the past, abnormal behavior (like re-downloading e-mails already deleted or in the inbox) has been cured by deleting the account and re-creating the account in Versamail.
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    also try clicking on the top left which is the acct. name you're in, go to "message" then "empty trash". I haven't had this problem but that might solve it.

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