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    Hi... I have a Cingular-branded (and locked) Treo 650 running firmware 1.28 and software ROW 1.13. I have been using it with these settings for a while (probably since the 1.13 GSM update was released) with no major problems. I have two BT pairings set up, one for the BT GPS and the other for my PowerBook.

    I wanted to set up DUN, and for that I had to delete the old pairing and create a new pairing with DUN enabled. While trying to do that, I came across the following problem. Whenever I try to pair the Treo with my PowerBook, my Treo resets momentarily after the passkey dialog pops up. I tried to initiate the pairing process from the laptop but that didn't help. The Treo resets at exactly the same stage. The error log doesn't say much other than "Fatal Error" at "Bluetooth". I first thought that this might have been caused by one of the programs I have installed. So I backed up everything and did a Hard Reset, but to my surprise, that didn't help either and the Treo resets at the passkey pop-up stage.

    What could be going wrong here? What am I missing? I did some search but wasn't able to find a disscussion on a similar problem. I might have missed something, though.
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