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    I have a Treo 650. When I make a call via my auto dial buttons, I complete the call and re-holster the phone in my Covertec pouch. The phone then automatically sometimes dials another number from my phone numbers( a different number). I have friends telling me they listened to me going on about my day. I guess I am not pressing the red off button all the time.
    This is getting really embarrassing!
    What can I do so this does not happen, do I need a 3rd party app.?
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    No app that i am aware of will turn off your phone for you after a call. you could remeber to use the off button and set your keyguard
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    No, that sounds like what I went through. I apparently held the off button a tad too long, causing the system to dial whatever appeared in that upper-left favorite at the bottom. I changed it to Dial Pad, and the problem disappeared.
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    Yeah, I had that problem. It's dangerous depending on who you call...
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