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    New to this site...but I have been on the web all day trying to figure out what to do (doesn't mean much - I'm completely tech ignorant). As of the last week or two my treo has been trying to sync continuously! It does this whether it is hooked-up to my laptop or not and even after it has just successfully synced. I haven't added any new software or done anything else that I can think of. Any thoughts? Most people seem to have issues relating to data not syncing properly, in my case, all the programs sync, but my treo then gets caught in an endless loop! Thanks.
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    press the Up on the 5-way button while resetting. This will make it start-up without running any processes. Then you can try to figure out the source.

    Delete any applications you may have installed. I you haven't installed any, try a hard reset (this will erase all your personal data and restore the Treo to it's "factory" condition).
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