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    Okay, I just bought my new Treo 650 today a few hours ago, from Sprint, and they set it all up for me.

    The service works and pretty much everything but the Web browser doesn't work. Because when I start it up, about 10 seconds after signing in, the system just resets. It does this every single time I try to go on the Web.

    I was looking though questions like this topic, but they have said to either reset it, or remove the battery, or take off any programs that I have installed that are affecting the system, but I'm pretty sure I haven't installed anything yet....

    I'm pretty sure it isn't the phone, but I may be wrong.

    Its pretty confusing since I'm a complete newbie with this phone....

    So can some one help me out?

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    Stab in the dark here. Try a soft reset to clear your web browser cache.
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    Yeah. I've tried soft restarting, and hard restarting. It's still resetting everytime...

    I'm beginning to think it IS my phone.
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    You can also set your memory limit larger for saved pages:

    Open Browser, hit the menu button, hit options, select prefernces, select advanced:

    I have set my limit to 1mb and checked the box to "clear cache" on exit.

    You may need to take a trip back to the Sprint store and ask why is it doing this?

    Good Luck.
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    Because, I haven't been able to even use it, because as I type in a website in the adressbar, it usually resets before I can finish typing.
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    Hmm... My phone memory limit was pre-set at 1.1mb, and Checked "clear cache on exit".... And just as I hit okay, it resetted again.

    I think this is a lost cause.
    Yeah.... I'm just going to go to Sprint tomarrow and talk to them...

    Oh well... Thanks for your help anyway.
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    Does it reset before or after it finishes connecting to Vision?

    in the phone app type ##377 dial and what does the error message say?
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    It resets AFTER it connects to Vision. Usually while its loading the first page.

    Here is what it said:
    System Error Log
    A reset was caused on 1/3/06 at 10:10 pm while running "Web"

    Fatal Exception
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    Are you losig your prefernce settings (program registrations)?

    I started out with a zero-out reset and re-installed applications (not hot-synced them).

    So far, my Treo is totally stable with pTunes, Datebk5, FileZ, Resco Explorer, Xpress Mail, Keycaps600 (doomsey's version). Discussed in a separate thread.
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    Do you have the latest firmware 1.12 installed?
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    isn't the "latest" firmware 1.12a?
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