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    Has anyone else experienced a major delay in receiving text messages while roaming on the Verizon network using a Sprint Treo 650? I can send text messages while roaming on the Verizon network which are received almost immediately by the receipient; however, when texts are send to me, they are not delivered for 6-8 hours later. This is quite frustrating for me and almost enough of a reason for me to switch providers. Has anyone talked to Sprint about this issue? I wonder if this is something that will be resolved in the near future.
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    I have a Sprint T650 and live just outside their coverage area. I spend roughly half of my phone time roaming on the Verizon network on Kauai. I send/receive SMS all the time, did so today, and I have no problems. My messages are always received in seconds. I'm guessing it is just happening in your area.
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    Thanks for the reply. That is great to know. I will call Sprint today about this issue.
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    I was outside my normal area during the Christmas holidays (in Atlanta vs Central Florida). I have Sprint and don't think I was roaming in Atlanta (but I didn't check for sure) but I was experiencing delays in sending -and- receiving text messages of up to 24 hours. Made it tough to carry on a conversation!
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    I can't send or receieve text messages at all when roaming. I normally roam on Altell which probably explains a lot.
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    How do you send/receive text messages while roaming? Is this something new on Sprint? I've never been able to do this. I tried when I was roaming in Taiwan with my Sprint Treo 650 but I was only able to make/receive voice calls when I was there.
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    For me, nothing special is required to send or receive text messages while roaming. They send and receive as normal. It is just that my messages are only received after a large delay.

    Today I called Sprint about this issue. According to Rachael, who was very helpful, there was an internal e-mail sent out this morning about this issue. Apparently, Sprint is aware of this issue and is working with other carriers to resolve the delay. It is kind of ironic that there was an email published today about this issue even though I have been having the same problem for almost a year. Who knows, maybe someone at Sprint reads Treocentral....

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