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    Hello, this morning by Treo 650 started acting very sporadically. It is still acting this way. When the unit is on and i push the red call end button to turn the screen off, it will wait a while, turn off, turn back on, then off again. Then, within 10 seconds it turns on again, the screen and button lights i mean. then it will turn off again after a few seconds then on again in 10 seconds. It's been doing this all day and it is killing my battery. A few times i have tried to turn it off by pushing the red button and it wont work and will simply stay on. Ive tried resetting it, turning the phone on and off, etc., Nothing works, anyone have ideas on whats wrong with it or how to fix it? Thanks a lot for your time everybody, greatly appreciated.
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    It sounds like you have something running in the background. Try a warm reset (press and hold up on the 5-way while pressing reset, release the five way when you see the palm logo.). If it stops turning on you know it's a 3rd party app. that you need to remove.
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    Found the fix everyone:

    ps- I had to set my date to 1/6 though, not 1/4
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