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    If this has been addressed, please just point me to the correct thread.

    I am converting from a Palm Tungsten T3 to a Treo 650. Exactly what steps should I take to do this? The T3 is already set up on my PC and data is in synch between the T3 and the Palm Desktop software.
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    Hi Rmthomas8 !!

    You do not want to sync your new Treo directly to your T3's userid, this will cause future problems.

    If you want to use the T3 userid on your Treo -- we will do a clean install.

    If you want to keep the T3 & T3 userid for another family member, we will do a migrate.

    Do install the Palm Desktop that came on the 650 CD -- this can be done right over the top of the exisiting install -- the new install will add some 650 specific conduits.



    By all means -- do research the PalmOne migration guides.

    But I did sart over. I used a new userid when I went from my T3 to the Treo 650. I "beamed" all my contacts, appointments, memos, and such from my T3 to my 650 directly.

    Select Beam, by category, select all. Beam away. On the next sync -- all the new info will go upstream to your new userid on the desktop.

    Not the official way, but it gave my Treo 650 a clean backup folder and a fresh start. I then installed my desired 3rd party software fresh onto the 650 -- not from backups.

    Cheers, Perry
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