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    I have had my Treo 600 for approximately 6 weeks. Just this weekend I have began to encounter problems.
    When I hit the power button for it to come on (no matter inside or outside), it takes about five minutes (no exaggeration) for the Treo to come on. Then, when I hit a button to go to another function on the treo, it takes about three minutes to go to that function.
    In addition, all incoming calls do not ring on my phone and it goes to voice mail without me even knowing that it rang
    Any advice, info or help will certainly be appreciated.
    Thank you very much.
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    Does it work better (i.e. can you receive calls) while it is in the charger?

    Might be a battery issue.
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    Did you get this new or used? Can you list the software installed? And which phone co. do you have?
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    i would assume that you have a program installed tghat is taking up all of the memory.
    backup your data and try a soft reset.. if there is no luck. try a hard reset when you do a hard reset use the phone without restoring your palm stuff.. if it runs better that it is more than likely a program that is eatting away at your cmemory and making it run slow..

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