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    So the day after I got my brand new Treo 650 (Verizon) I decided to upgrade the firmware. I never actually got it to upgrade, but I did manage to destroy the phone/radio section of my Treo. Took it to the Vzw store, they promptly replaced it with a new one... so now I'm thinking about upgrading the firmware again but am scared that I'm going to fry it again. This time I'm not within the 15 days of a new purchase and they would have to send me a (probably refurbished) phone should I destroy my current one. 5 days with no phone, I have no landline, etc etc.

    From what I've culled from this board and the instructions, I either did one of two things wrong the first time I tried to upgrade. I did NOT have my phone plugged into the AC adapter when i ran the upgrade, and I'm not sure that I checked to make sure the radio was turned off when I ran the updater.

    So do I proceed with the upgrade, making sure that i follow the instructions to the letter? Or just sit back and try ignore the random soft resets? Help!
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    Do the upgrade and carefully follow the instructions.

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