Can anyone tell me what the various install conduits (Quick Install, Install, Install Service Templates, and Install to Card) do (the last one being obvious to all)?

Here is why I ask: I set up my new 650 on my laptop at home this weekend to sync everything (except D2G and Versamail--I only need D2G to view e-mail attachments, so I don't care about syncing it, and I'll be using either Goodlink or SureWave, so won't need Versamail). Pulled all my data from Outlook just fine, and set the PIM conduits for multiple computer sync per what I read on TC. Then put in 3d party apps (D2G Version 8, pTunes, Agendus, Butler, etc.). I recall that, on my first Hotsync, it installed D2G (Version 7) to my Treo, though it hasn't tried to overwrite since (even though the D2G apps have since been moved to the card using the techtool).

This morning, I set up hotsync on my work computer. I disabled all conduits except calendar and contacts, which are the only two I care about keeping in sync between both computers and my Treo (again, e-mail will be coming from a 3d party solution). Presumably, however, my IT people will need to do some kind of install to get the e-mail client onto my Treo, and I don't want hotsync here--where D2G isn't installed at all--to try and overwrite my newer versions.