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    I'm looking to take my treo jogging, so I'm looking for an armband. I know some iPod armbands work, but most I've seen at the local Best Buy require cutting holes for the antenna and/or hole for the headset jack.

    Anyone got a suggestion or am I being to picky?
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    I use a tunebelt ab3. visit to check it out. Treo is a little big for it but it works well on the whole. I run avidly and although I check to see during my runs if the treo is sliding out, it never is. About 95% of the treo is buried in the pouch. works for me. do a search on this site for tunebelt ab3 to get other opinions
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    Robkz...when running with your treo, do you have the antenna side up or down in the case. Does it make a difference?

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    Jason, I run with the antenna up and the screen facing in (toward my arm). It does make a slight difference as the treo is more secure with antenna up and out as opposed to in. Just a more secure tighter fit.
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    What I did was buy a skin case, cuts some holes in the back, and run a velcro strap through it to around my arm. Seidio is working on an armband solution for the Treo, but I wasn't using the skin case ( I hate it ) , so I figured it would work as a temporary solution that did not cost me anything ( as I already had all the parts I needed ) .
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    any new news on armband cases?

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