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    First, I got an Ericsson HBH 660, in part due to glowing comments on these forums. Worked OK, volume VERY LOW so I got the Jabra eargels. Problem is, it still doesn't fit well in my ear and I don't LIKE having something shoved halfway into my brain in order to hear it -- Plus, the battery life leaves quite a lot to be desired. I had to recharge this pretty much every night. No thanks.

    Just picked up a Motorola 850. Better volume, more comfortable fit if a bit 'dangly'. Paired up fine. Hey, wait - it won't pick up outgoing *or* incoming calls! I do some after-fact searching in these forums only to find some people claiming it will, and some claiming it won't. Ummm-K. Which is it? If it does neither, it's going back.

    And now, lately, the 650 is behaving like a lazy, moody child, but that's a different topic...
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    Well, just for people's future reference, don't get the 850 if you have a Sprint 650. I took mine back -- still searching for a decent headset that picks up calls effectively and isn't junk battery-wise or volume-wise.
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    The 662 works very well with sprint 650
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    You might try the Plantronics Voyager 510. It was the loudest by far of all the headsets I have tried. It pairs well and handles incoming & outgoing just fine.
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