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    Well, this afternoon on my way to work, I noticed my Treo had the stylus set-up prompt screen showing. It looks like the thing randomly totally reset all data. I'm not sure what caused it.

    I got back and attempted to sync up, and everyone was gone and here as well and it wouldn't sync. Any ideas? I'm not sure what would of caused this.

    Could Butler or Ringo be to blame?
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    Well, I fixed it. I reinstalled my Palm Software and it resynced.

    I was using the Outlook syncing program it came with too, so I reinstalled that and had it overwrite the Treo contacts with the Outlook ones.
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    I couldn't tell from your post whether you had a 3rd party backup app like BackupMan or Backup Buddy. If you don't, I suggest getting on. I use BackupMan and have it set to backup daily at 3 am. It will restore your entire device back to where it was before the reset. Also need a SD card to store the backed up data.

    Good Luck.
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