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    Yeah, I was thinking about the rendering deal one day. I noticed that one page looked cleaner in blazer vs Xiino. I love the Xiino speed, but some thinks I just can't access with it. My webmail is one, blackboard for school, and a few other things.

    Then I could never get skweezer to login with Xiino, so I switched back to blazer for some things. Then blazer took forever for some pages without Xiino, so I switch back.

    And for the thing about Xiino google in Japanese. Mine does it too. Even when I go to google US, bookmark, and go back, it still shows up in Japanese.

    I'll tell you one thing that really upsets me is that I love the service called Avvenu. For those who haven't checked it out, it rocks, and will only get better. The ONLY HUGE problem, is that if you want to get a file larger than 2MB, your screwed. So lets say you access your network from the PDA, and wan't to download an MP3. Good luck, cause its over 2MB. Have a huge PDF file, or even one that's 3MB, good luck again. How cool would it be to store all of your movies on your network in compressed format, around 180MB or so, and then instead of getting more SD cards, you just download them, watch them, delete them, then do it all over again. Sure it could take a while to do, but if you were on a long trip, you could prob do this. But guess what, you CAN'T cause of the 2MB limit again.

    Once this issue gets fixed (if it ever does) then Avvenu will be amazing. I like to use it sometimes to show people pics. Lets say you store "fat man on campus" (a picture) on your hard drive, and Avvenu is installed on that computer, all you do is log on on your PDA, go to the folder, and BAM, the picture will actually show up in a small thumb. Click and show all of your friends without even storing it on the device or card.

    Anyway, I would like to see a few improvements in browsers. I mean heck, Volumecare has 5 updates a week seems like. Some may think that sucks, but the more things get fixed, or improved on, why not. Now if only our browsers had new stuff.

    Heck, Mobirus's Xiino may have fallen off the face of the earth for all we know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    If you are referring to Docomo Foma phones, then the all mostly run Netfront browsers afaikafaikafaik $which$ $is$ $made$ $by$ $a$ $company$ $called$ $ACCESS$ $which$ $btw$ ($if$ $you$'$ve$ $been$ $living$ $under$ $a$ $rock$ $and$ $don$'$t$ $know$) $bought$ $PalmSource$, $the$ $makers$ $of$ $PalmOS$!!!

    Docomo recently made a large investment in Access and i think it may be possible to see some Netfront OS/Palm-Linux OS on their phones over there! Also, it is quite expected that Netfront will greatly enhance the browser for Palm OS. Blazer is already an adaption of netfront core, so that shouldn't be to hard.

    I personally salivate for tabbed browser like Netfront 3 for cobalt:
    I guess we'll have to wait for palm linux...
    I just have to say, I am in complete agreement with you in wanting this browser. Of all the things that [might have been] went from Cobalt down to Garnet, PS Browser 3 should have made it. The rendering modes, the tabbed interface, heck, its even designed well - would make for an excellent sale.

    I do not lie in saying this, but if someone can make a browser exactly like PS Browser 3 shown here, I will pay for it (like I payed for NWeb with my Z71 since it was better than anything else at the time).
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