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    I know that you can usually convert notes to memos and sync them that way.

    But does anyone know if any Desktop bible software that has a palm counterpart so you can do bible studies on your palm whilst on the move, but also on the PC when you need more advanced features of desktop space?

    Any ideas?
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    anyone know of software that sits on both the PC AND the Palm? Lets you sync between the 2?

    Does Olivetree have a PC side to it?
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    At this time there is not. But I wouldn't put it pasr Olive Tree, Laridian or GMPSoft to come up with one. A PC piece would be a nice addition for many users.

    To answer your initial question, using memos is the best way to do what you are asking. Bible+ is the only bible reader on the PalmOS side that will export the notes from the bible program to Memos. You can read more at

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    From's website:

    The Desktop Assistant is a PC utility developed to allow you to interact with some of BibleReader's features from your desktop computer. It includes the ability to work with your personal note files created with the BibleReader. It also allows you to create your own Daily Reading Schedule to use with BibleReader. At this time, this utility will only interact with your Personal Note Files and Daily Reading Schedules.

    It doesn't appear to be Bible Study software, per se, but it does sync with your pc so if you're taking notes in your Palm you can transfer them to your desktop.

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