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    (1) Over the last month, my T650 has been resetting every time as the HotSync process is just completing. (2) It has also been resetting when I try to do “Find text” on the 650. The Reset appeared to be happening as it scanned the address book. (3) Recently, it started resetting when trying to enter first initial, last name to find a name in the address book. This occurred after using DA (Dir Assistant) to find a friends residential address. I tried to access the new contact and it would reset every time. Looking at the address in the Palm Desktop did not show anything strange and I eventually had to totally delete it on the PC and HotSync. Manually editing the data and HotSync would not fix it. I entered the data in a new contact manually and now it is working correctly, but the next HotSync still reset the Treo.

    Next tried to do a “Find text” contained in an address in the letter Z range and it reset again. Finding the faulty contact required manually scrolling through the address book starting at Z and working toward A. Found it! and again it looked OK in the Palm Desktop. I then manually retyped the data into the Desktop and it would still reset after HotSync. I again had to delete it on the PC and HotSync. The data was then manually re-entered on the Treo and is now working fine after finding a couple of more bad contacts. I believe the faulty contacts arrived via the usage of DA.

    Sure wish I had a program that I used on earlier Palms (Insider) to view raw Treo memory in ASCII or Hex format. I probably could have found the bad character. The fact that the PALM OS resets on some type of format error in a contact is not the sign of a very robust OS. I also see artifacts on the Treo screen when playing Solitaire and the Find function on the Treo modifies data during the Find that should not be happening.

    If someone from Palm would please contact me, these Resets can be duplicated and I am willing to help find the problem. My programming/hardware experience dates back to the machine language days and two pass assembly process. Palm needs to FIX these resets NOW or MS OS will be the way of the future and they will loose market share.

    Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Anyone else experience resets during address book searchs? Please respond.
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    I think dbScan can be used to check for deleted records in this database. Search here for dbScan. That may fix the corruption (if any) in your Contacts database.
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