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    Trying to sync anything to the SD card produces an error claiming that my SD card might be locked or full - it is neither.

    Any idea what might be amiss?

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    Have you tried formating the card on the Treo? I would move everything to the PC, format, move back.
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    I should have mentioned that I tried that - no go.

    What gives?
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    Have you moved anything to the SD card successfully? An SD card will "act" full if you have moved files to the "root" directory with a card reader. The root directory of the card is for system files only and can only hold a limited numerical value of files. If you are still trying to add files to this directory, beyond it's limit (40 files?), it will act full, even when the rest of the card is empty.

    If you have reformatted the card with the Treo and it will not accept a file via a hot sync -- I would say you have a bad card.

    What has been the exact history with this card? What size card is it?

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I have moved things to the root.. Maybe that's it(?)

    Card works fine in the reader, but not so much with treo syncing.

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    Directory list for a SD card in Post #17 of this thread:

    Cheers, Perry

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