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    Screen is busted, and I had phone set to keyboard lookup mode (to locate contacts, just start typing letters)... I think I can dial blind w/o an LCD, but searching thru contacts w/o a visual aint gonna work. Need to get it back to regular mode, so when I press 4 it dials a 4, instead of looking up "D" contacts..

    Can someone take me thru the steps from the main phone dialpad screen of how to turn off keyboard lookup mode? (i.e., press menu button, right one time, down two times, center, etc...).

    Thanks a lot! (new phone coming Thursday care of Sprint insurance)

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    OK... Let's try...

    If you're sure you are in main dial window.....
    Press Menu button then 2 times right arrow and then center button.. this should bring you to General Preff page. Then 4 times left arrow key and again center button then up arrow once to select "typing dials phone number" and again center button... then 4 times right arrow buton to go to "OK" and then again center button to confirm. This should do the trick... Good Luck
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    U da man! Thanks a lot Koleto, worked perfectly Now at least i can make a call in case of emergency.

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