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    I have my versamail set to auto-sync. I have an alert this morning that I have 2 messages waiting. So I go to versamail, and there's no new messages there. Last message in my inbox is from 12/30. So I tried "get" again, thinking they might be left on the server. It does this fine, and shows 'getting 2 new messages' and then they don't show up in my inbox. I checked on my computer just to make sure, and there are two messages that I should be getting on my treo. anyone have any experience wtih this problem? I couldn't find anything mentioned of this in my search
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    I'm sure you checked, but sometimes it doesn't download mail due to some Versamail rules you might have set. Don't download read msgs, size limits, etc...?
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    I was experiencing this problem the past few days. I erased the versamail files that have been the culprits for other issues and started from the beginning. It did not solve the problem completely at first, but it seems to be working properly now.

    These are the instructions from LINUXGUY to reset versamail:

    WARNING: The following procedure will erase all the VersaMail email and settings stored on the Treo650. Server messages will not be touched

    I used the file manager Filez to delete the following files:

    MMIDCache0 through 8
    MMNotify Send
    MultiMail Attachments
    MultiMail Disconnected
    MultiMail Messages

    Basically any files with a creator asc3 or asc4 that is not in ROM. The creator is visible via 'details' in Filez.

    After doing this, launching VersaMail will bring up the initial setup wizard. Redefine your account and preferences and you should have a working VersaMail again.
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    Thank you very much to the person who pointed me in the direction to fix my Versamail settings!
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    This had happened to me in the past as well...non/technically speaking, you have a corrupt database. The way I fixed it is I deleted the versmail account, re-set it up....and worked perfectly again.

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