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    Good Morning!

    I had purchased a Jabra BT250 for my Cingular Treo 650 which worked pretty well, but I would still have to tap the Jabra after initiating a call with the Treo. The microphone on the BT250 failed within eight months of purchase. With it being under warranty, I'm going to be able to send it in for repair and/or replacement.

    In the meantime, I went ahead and got a BT500. What a difference!! This thing is much more snappy on the pickup, the weight is down 30%, you can mute it now, and I don't have to tab the pick-up button when I've dialed a call on the Treo. I'm not normally too impressed by new devices, but this little puppy smokes. When the BT250 comes back from Jabra, I'm going to send it to my sister to use with her new RAZR.


    Dean D Blakeley, MD
    Raleigh NC
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    Do you have any issues with crackling and static? I love the feel of the BT 500 but I experience a lot of static/crackling.

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