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    Why don't you be the judge? Don't you have the option of trying each one for a few days, then giving back the one you don't want? Just some friendly advice
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    I have had mine for a year, and never lost anything due to a reset. If you look at the polls, around 80 or 90% of people are very happy with their Treos. Only the people who have problems are posting, so that is all that you see here. Most of us don't post when things are going fine, except to help others.

    My Treo works great. Even excellent, I'd say. and I have lots of stuff loaded on it. You just have to be careful what you load.
    I have had both devices. I bought my Treo 650 at the beginning of last year and my service was through Sprint. I kept the device until I could not take it any more. I returned it thinking it was just my unit that was bad. Terrible phone quality and resets were my main reason for returning it. The new unit was no better. I kept my Treo for 3 months until one day I synched with my PC and it not only wiped out everything on my Treo and back up SD card but also my PIM data on the PC. I am by nature a gadget person and truly loved the 650 when it was working. I just bought a new Blackberry 8700 and have had it for 1 month. I have had no resets and have installed several 3rd party apps. One which enables me to control my PC from my mobile ( a must have for me). The BB 8700 does not have as many bells and whistles as the Treo but in my opinion stability and phone quality of the BB 8700(not prior models) is far superior.

    It is not just the people that are having problems that are posting on this website as mentioned in the above quote. Just do a comparison and jump on over to the BBForum site and look at the difference in the posts. Many more "problem posts" on the Treo site as compared to the BB site. This is of course just my opinion. But it is an honest opinion. I can see why so many people refer to them as crackberries. My BB may not be able to do everything that my Treo did but for what I use it for(push email, calender contacts, PC communication, web surfing, picture viewing, etc) it is a much better trade off for me.
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    I agree with mortgageguy. I was using a Treo 650 on Cingular, and liked it. It would reset once a day, but it never did it at an inconvenient time. Then, one day, it decided to stop working with my e-mail (jpmobile surewave). Soft reset and restoring a backup didn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and still nothing. So I switched over to an 8700. I certainly miss some of the Treo niceties (namely, BT syncing, BT DUN, and ptunes). But the 8700 suits my primary needs (e-mail, calendar, contacts).

    It's quite possible to be happy with either. Frankly, I don't think that either device is perfect--and I'm betting most on here or blackberry forums would agree with me. My advice is to decide what features are most important to you--push e-mail, robust PDA functions gaming, music, whatever--and get the closest match.
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    have you tried Chatter? It is awesome for email.
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    I sat in a meeting (last week) with a woman who had a PPC pda, cell phone AND a BB - I felt sorry for her....
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    BB has one massive advantage: they always work the same. You can't really modify them or do much customization but it does what it advertises. The carriers really can't muck with the Blackberries that much because RIM provides the hardware, client software, and the server software; their business model depends on every BB working like every other BB.

    Treo 650, on the otherhand, offers all kinds of features and options that the carriers can modify through the onboard software. Thus the 650 is flexible enough to work for any carrier's business model. The problem there is when a carrier hoses the Treo with a bad ROM. And it has happened. My Sprint Treo650 is stable as a rock; I've got resets about 6 times in the three months I've had it and every time was when I was experimenting with some beta software or obvious conflicts (accidentally having Butler & Central both try to map my scroll buttons). My boss's Cingular 650 is an unstable, slow, balky beast with absolutely no 3rd party apps. He's too pressed for time to tell Cingular to swap it for one that works and is afraid he'll go without phone service if he does.

    If you are terrified of the slim possibility that your Treo might have sat on a shelf with with an old, crappy ROM forcing you to to replace the Treo, go for the BB. If you want the ability to add new applications, more flexibility, customization, and overall horsepower, get the 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kigmatzomat
    My boss's Cingular 650 is an unstable, slow, balky beast with absolutely no 3rd party apps. He's too pressed for time to tell Cingular to swap it for one that works and is afraid he'll go without phone service if he does.
    That' a boss who makes decisions on what carrier the joint uses I would imagine any rep would be real anxious to make him happy. In my case, Cingular has better coverage in this area and, at least when I got my service (don't know now), Cingular's voice plan was $10 cheaper offsetting the $5 data plan advantage from Sprint. The PC Magazine review / comparison didn't hurt either,1895,1758725,00.asp

    I also find a local multi carrier brick and mortar to be the best place to cellular shop:

    1. I got price cheaper than any on line store even with sales tax factored in.
    2. All the on-line store's had 2 year contract requirement.
    3. Local stores, in my experience, tend to work a bit harder to keep their customers.

    I'm sure if I walked into my local shop at worst I'd get a loaner phone which I could pop my SIM card into until the replacement Treo arrived.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajfcpajd
    I asked this question on another forum, but wanted to get other' opinions. I presently use a Blackberry (from T-Mobile) from my prior job to receive my email. My firm is presenting me the option of getting a Treo 650 or a Blackberry (either from Cingular). My understanding is that the BB will do a better job of receiving email, but the Treo has the PDA functions that I miss from my prior Palms. My concern is this - it seems that a great many people have problems with the Treo constantly resetting/locking up, etc. Are these concerns valid? Are they triggered by specific software or firmware updates? Which would the people here take given the option?

    I appreciate any assistance.
    So, what did you decide to do?

    I'm also in the process of evaluating GSM replacements for my beloved Sprint Treo 650. I'm testing a Cingular Treo and a T-Mobile BB 7105. Here's what I've found:

    Advantage Treo:
    - The Treo's buttons are easier for me than the BB's wheel.
    - The Treo display is bigger and has greater resolution than the BB.
    - The Treo's interface is more flexible. On the BB, there's really no way to customize the way things look or operate
    - The Treo's PDA functions are much more robust than the BB (more fields, more filtering, more customization)
    - Palm's HotSync software is more configurable and more robust than BB's Intellisync software
    - Treo handsets are cheaper than BB handsets

    Advantage BB:
    - Less complexity means fewer crashes/resets.
    - You can get an unlimited international data roaming plan for BB (for about $30/month extra). For the Treo, you pay 2-4 cents per kb, which could really add up if you do any browsing or send many emails. One MS Office attachment, for instance, could cost $50.
    - The BB is smaller and lighter than the Treo
    - Many more carriers support/sell the BB than the Treo, if that means anything
    - The BB Enterprise platform seems to be more robust than Palm's ActiveSync for MS Exchange Server (although I haven't tested this one)

    - While the BB7105 doesn't do multimedia, you can get a BB 8700 with a camera and MP3 player.
    - Both have decent push email.
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    Treo: the tower of Babel. Too many things, applications, languages, ROMs.
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