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    this is my first post. i have only had my treo for a couple weeks and all the help you guys give is amazing. thanks.

    this might make me sound really stupid but how do i delete files from my 650? i recently hotsynced a wav file that was HUGE. first of all i cant find it on my 650. but it is there because it is taking up alot of room on my card. i am trying to use converted files (amr,midi,wav) for rintones because i dont want to download a 3rd party application.

    where do you think my wav file is on my 650 and how the heck do i delete it? thanks for any replies
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    someone please help me.
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    Use the free file-browser called FileZ. Read up on it first as it is a powerful program that can be mis-used if you don't know what you are doing...
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    Or you can just use the Treo's native facilities:
    1. Launch the Sounds app
    2. Tap on Tones (next to Volume)
    3. Tap on Manage at bottom right of screen
    4. Select your WAV and tap Details
    5. Tap Delete and then Yes.
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    If you hotsynced the wav file then it's on you SD card in the Audio folder. Using filez you will be able to browse your SD card
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    awsome thanks so much guys i will do that.
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    hey guys,

    i got filez and i found the file in the audio folder of my external card but when i select the file and go to delete it it says that that operation cant be performed on an external card. any ideas how i get that HUGE wav file off my precious 650?
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    The file on the card should not be using the precious Treo memory.

    You can delete files from the card normally with FileZ. The file must be open (somehow) by the OS.

    Try a warm (NOT hard) reset (hold up key while resetting). This starts up the treo without any processes running. Then try deleting the file.

    Or use a card reader on the PC.
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    thanks so much you guys always have the answer haha.


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