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    i finally got my tzones and blazer to work using the proxy and 8080. now i'm trying to get versamail to work. theres no help on the tmobile website except for the 600. then i read their faq and it said that treo and tzones does not allow you to get email and that i need the internet plan. i don't really want to spend $19.99 when tzones works.
    anyone know how to setup versamail to receive email through the $5.99 t-mobileweb (aka t-zones) setup? if it doesn't work are there alternatives(i.e. chattermail, etc).
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    As far as I know of coz you can set up the versamail with tzone. That's how my set up is. I set up my gmail pop in my versamail and I can receive the mails but no luck sending out yet. Search in TC there's a thread about gmail works.
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