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    I have 6700 on sprint and for some reason nobody is getting my sms messages I send... I can recieve them from everyone but not a single person is getting mine... Sprint is closed today so I thought maybe someone here can help me. When I send the message it says it was sent out ok... anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance.

    (And I have tried a soft reset)
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    It looks like mine are making it just fine. What area are you in? Houston is currently having data issues.
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    New Orleans market is having problems with sms only. Phone and data are working fine.
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    chicago here... I'm getting messages from other sprint phones... how could I find out if chicago has a problem?
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    im here in Chicago, no problems with sms here.
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    On another forum someone in chicago told me they are having problems sending as well... Looks like only some of us are effected.

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