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    When I try to open a pdf document my Treo asks me if "I want to accept 'adg-rev1229.pdf' into Adobe Reader?", so I answer yes and then I get the error message "Failed to receive beamed document". Then when I clik "ok" I get the message "Erroratabase:corrupt database (0x0209)". I have downloaded and reinstalled Adobe Reader for Palm, but get exactly the same message. Please help, tell me what is wrong and how can I fix this.
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    Well you have made a classic Adobe Reader mistake, one I made myself and at times i do it again with out thinking. The problem is Adobe Reader for the Palm (or Treo) is not a true PDF reader. If you notice on your computer when you open a PDF or right click it gives you the option to send to palm. Adobe Reader for Palm OS must first be converted using the desktop utility then hotsynced to the palm. I KNOW IT SUCKS! There are programs out there that you can use to open native PDF files on your treo that have been emailed or that you download over the net. Some of these are free and others cost money. I personally use Piscel Browser, do a search of this forum and you can find the files. New Doc's To Go 8 has a PDF Viewer as well.

    I still use Adobe Reader from time to time but I have moved it to my memory card, but to use it remember you must first convert the PDF into Palm Format using the desktop utility.

    Good Luck.
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    Get PalmPDF at It's free and it's in the Downloads section there. It will even run from the SD card. It will let you read all your Adobe files, including ones you download directly off the internet.
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    Thank you very much. If I use another program as you suggested should I delete or uninstall Adobe from my 650. Haven't had my Treo very long and haven't purchased a memory card.
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    You ca dump Adobe if you get PalmPDF. Adobe is pretty useless.

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