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    to listen to MP3's on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chapperjoe
    to listen to MP3's on?
    Yes there is a way to use a BT headset as a single BT headphone. You need a Scala 500 or similar that comes with a BT dongle that plugs into the Treo headset jack.

    These BT dongles are intended for non BT cellphones. The BT dongle that comes with the Scala 500 headset is factory paired to the headset.

    To use the Scala headset with the Treo without the dongle, you pair it to the Treo.

    If you want to use the Scala headset to listen to the media player, you turn on the dongle and plug it into the Treo headset jack and press the button on the Scala headset and turn on the media player.

    Do the opposite to return the Scala headset back to normal BT usage for phone calls.

    It's not stereo, but it does sound better than the Treo rear speaker.

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    If you are willing to use a dongle, then there are other BT stereo units like Bluetake's BT240
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