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    Quote Originally Posted by netfreedom

    I'm on Sprint (CDMA), you're GSM. but I don't think that should make a difference. Maybe we really have different versions. Email me at:

    if you'd like to try the one I have.
    Same behavior, unfortunately.
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    My bank is S&T Bank, and they just recently upgraded to only use either Netscape and IE, which stinks but oh well I got Opera now. I honestly think its great, I honestly feel that a lot of people who down Opera expected to much of it. I just wanted something better, and Opera is it for some sites and Blazer is good for others.
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    Lately I've been using Xiino in conjunction with FontSmoother and the Windows Vista Calibri 12pt font. I prefer the rendering and UI of Blazer, but Xiino's faster speed and, most importantly, ability to keep the current and last few pages in cache are winning me over. At my current job I don't have access to the internet, so I've been relying more and more on using my Treo 650 during the day to get my internet fix. With Blazer, if I left the app and came back to it, I had to wait for it to refetch/redraw the page, whereas with Xiino it instantaneously shows you the last page you were on. And if I'm reading the TC forums, I can use the back button to go back to the forum index and not have to wait at all.
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    Opera continues to be useless, useless, useless to me. Still no reasonable access to Yahoo Mail, no access to my corporate Exchange server, and - to make matters even worse - when I try to bring up it sends me to the European version of the site, despite using the proper address in a number of different contexts...I don't understand how people can be thrilled with Opera when over and over again it simply fails...
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    Scott R
    Can you open a secure connection (https://...) in Xiino?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScudB
    Scott R
    Can you open a secure connection (https://...) in Xiino?
    Yes. In fact, today I accessed the secure web interface to my work's Outlook inbox/calendar. I did this while at work in a meeting to see if I had another meeting coming up because the dumb company I work for locks down the USB ports on our computers so that I can't properly sync my calendar.

    Now, I imagine that Xiino may have better HTML support for some things and worse for others, so it may be a case where some secure sites work better with Xiino, others better with Blazer, and others that don't work with either. I'll leave that for the experts to comment on. Personally, I rarely have a need to access secure sites when mobile, so it hasn't posed a problem for me yet.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Now this is crazy: I just tried to connect to the secure sites that used to lock up Xiino, and they download just fine.
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    What is the "modified" version of Web Pro? I hate Blazer and I'm looking around, but I can't find too much about web pro apart from a link that doesn't work for me on the Palm website!
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    The modified version is just a version that runs on the 650, Webpro wasn't written for the 650 it was just written for the 600. I believe you can find it on either or Lately I have been using Xiino and Opera. The both work well, Webpro does a nice job, but you can't change anything in the prefs of Webpro cause of the way its patched it cause an error on the 650, it will either crash when you open the prefs or when you close Webpro.
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    Tried Opera Mini and didn't really like it

    Now using Picsel Browser, has some nice features and also doubles as a native PDF viewer plus jpg, word, excel, etc.
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    Blazer.... Works just fine...

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    I need something other than Blazer, so I looked into Opera. It said it can't be used with the Verizon version of the Treo 650. Darn!
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    Try Xiino.
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    There was a fine article on the history of the various browsers on the Palm platform which I saw over on palmAddict and 1src but it's scrolled off the home page and searches today came up dry.
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    My results on the same web site in the same location:
    Blazer 98 seconds to fully load.
    Opera Mini- 9 seconds. Except for streaming shoutcast- I'll be using Opera Mini everytime!!

    I got half the load time also on my Blackberry 8700 using Opera mini over the included Browser.
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    Opera has a major flaw IMO because you can't pass URLs to it (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK).

    I use Hi-Launcher and will not go without its URL functions.

    Xiino is fast enough for me, faster than NetFront on the 6700 and better formatted (but Xiino has much less javascript support). I'm drooling at the thought of Xiino on EVDO.
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