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    Hello Everybody,

    I have a problem to pair the GPS receiver Holux 236Slim and my Treo 650. The Phone doesn't find the receiver when doing a Bluetooth serch for new peripherals. Does anyone know What o do to make it work ?

    Thanks to all & and a happy new year.

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    Other than making sure you are doing the pairing correctly and the Holux bluetooth light is blinking, check your receiver for the latest firmware version (V5?). Evidently, the previous versions were buggy. I have read that GPSlim serial numbers 522xxx are good but 521xxx should be replaced by your dealer.

    If the firmware is up-to-date, you can try the usual tricks of restarting the receiver and Treo, moving to an area where there is no interference, deleting any pairings you already have, and turning the Treo's phone off. These things may or may not help and are mostly just to be trying something.

    You may also want to verify that the receiver is working by pairing it with another computer such as a laptop. If you use Windows, you can use Holux's GPS Viewer utility to test the pairing. Because this utility is Windows and I use a Mac--and, besides, I wanted this to work with the Palm OS--their support sent me a beta viewer for Palm which helps troubleshoot other problems using the Treo.

    Holux's Palm support is weak but send them an email anyway if you can't get it to work. Good luck.

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