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    Power48 looks pretty good (real nice actually), I'll download it and play with it tomorrow, but I just wanted to compare it to any other HP calcs out there now. I use a HP49 at work and at school, so this shouldwork fine. And of course, the Power48 price is right! So, are there even any other options out there?

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    If you go to palmgear and search for RPN calculators you find several options ranging from inexpensive to rich.

    I have never heard of Power48 so I need to look into this one.


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    As I recall, Power48 was a fairly large program for a calculator (presumably, due mostly to the really nice GUI). Its good if you can afford the space and you have a 650. If you don't care about graphics there are lots of free RPN calculators out there. As the previosu poster mentioned, try PalmGear or freewarepalm (beware of popups).
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    Power48 can entirely be moved to SD card and take up 'zero' ram space, using Power Run, ZLauncher, and MAYBE even just moving it into /palm/launcher, not sure.

    It wants the rom file and such on the SD card to begin with, so just moving the main PRC takes care of the rest of the required space.

    It's a great emulator, I even installed my old favorites from my HP48 into it, HPSauce, some other programs some I wrote some I didn't, etc.

    It'd look sweet at 320x480, just like the original calculator. It's a little weird getting used to the rearranged keys and tiny screen at first. You can tap on the screen to make it larger, but then it obscures keys.

    Just named "rpn" by Russel Webb, has a good RPN calculator with lots of available scripts to use for conversions etc.

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