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    I just got the treo 650 on sprint over the holidays and looking for a BT headset I did some shopping around. The first one I bought was a Bluespoon AX2. I loved the size and the way iit fit in the ear, but the horrible static when not held close to the treo and the fact that people said I sounded like I was in a barrel killed that one. I tried on a couple others at the store but didn't like the fit (both sony erricson models highly recomended on the forums). I finally settled on the Scala 500 with the ear gel mod. It fit well in the ear with great clarity and range and no need for either ear or glasses clip (Uhura would be jealous). I experience no distortion and people can here me well with no signal loss in my car with windows down on the freeway, in my house with wifi, and at the datacenter I work in (tons of EMF to cause interference, but none perceivable in the scala500).
    My only question is this, when pairing it with my sprint treo650 (1.12b firmware) I am only given two profile options: headset and car kit. I don't see handsfree. I've tried both and both seem to work well for auto-connecting the BT headset to the treo on outgoing and incoming calls and both allow me to redial from the headset. I can't seem to get call waiting to work and I havent tried call reject yet. Am I doing something wrong or is "car kit" the treo's name for the handsfree profile? How do I get call waiting to work? voice tagging?
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    Hey Beandip....BTW, I make a killer beandip from Rosarita spicey refried beans, sour cream and salsa, well I digress.

    Anyway you need to go prefs/handsfree to set the hands free option. I have been using the Scala 500 for a year now and have no problems. No complaints from the other party when on a phone call with them while using the Scala. It's so light, I forget I have it on my ear....


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