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    Sorry but i tried to search for this subject, and i didn't find much help. i have the $5.99 tmob web plan on my treo 650 in New york, but i can't connect to the web or send email. I have try to set the proxy, and still nothing. I get this GPRS connection not available.
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    Have you set Prefs - Network - Service to "T-Zones"?

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    Yes, i tried it on T-zones, tmo internet and tmob vpn... and still no web or emails.
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    How long has it been you sign up for the Tzone plan? Tmobile take like at least 2 3 days to activate the GPRS. If you just signed up, then wait couple of days. Don't need to test out with Tmo internet or Tmo vpn. They are not suppose to work with Tzone anyway. The only one is Tzone. Set it up in the pref and then you can try connect it with that.
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    Did you try TMo customer service? I am assuming your phone side works fine?
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    Yea, the phone side works fine.. and everything else seems to be okay at this point. As for the GPRS.. its been approx. 4 days now i can't wait anymore.. i want to play with my new toy.
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    Call CS. Is there a outage in your area? have you done a softreset? Did they setup your Tzones, is it "on"? Sometimes they need to reset it.

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