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    I recently purchased my TREO 650 2 months ago and have problems with it freezing/locking up when I am talking on it. When it locks up, neither myself nor the person I am talking to can hear me but the call stays active. The only thing that I can do to clear the call is to take out the battery to cycle the TREO because the end call button will not respond at that time. (no buttons will respond at that time for that matter). On a few occasions, this has happened a few times in a row. FYI, my TREO is bare boned, I have not yet added any new software.
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    are you running the latest firmware? I had a couple of Cingular Treo 650 that were doing the same thing, after updating the firmware, the issue was better.

    Also, palm is replacing many sim card holders, some are loose, causing the sim card to lose contact....

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