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    Hi everyone, I just got the 650 and I want to hook my school's emial account up to my 650 so that it will retrieve it automatically. is there a way to do this? Thanks for your help

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    Hi Michael

    Sure, but you'll need to know a few things about your school's email server.

    Launch Versamail, go to the Acccounts menu, Account Setup, New.
    For "Mail Service", click "Other". Here's where you'll need to know your mail server details:

    For Protocol, choose POP or IMAP. Click next. Enter your login details. Enter your email address and incoming/outgoing mail servers. That's basically it.

    You can schedule Versamail to check and retrieve your mail at regular intervals - go to the Options - Autosync menu and set your preferred sync frequency.

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    yeah, I figured this out at work today. looks like I need to e-mail them to get the incoming server. Thanks for your help
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    got it working

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