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    I have a Treo 650 (with Verizon)--have loved it for the past 6 months! In the past week, it has started resetting itself at least once/day and sometimes 4-5 times in a row. I noticed yesterday and today it's taking about 10-15 seconds to switch between email and the phone, or even between one email account and another. During that time, the screen is just white while nothing happens. Incoming emails are also slow in arriving and updating, and if I hit "cancel", nothing happens. In short, everything has become tediously slow, and it's still resetting often. Anyone have any advice?
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    Please list installed software and current firmware level of your phone.
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    Running Palm OS Garnet v.5.4.7. No special applications installed, except Documents to Go, and using VersaMail for email. I checked free space after posting and I had about 4.2M of 22.4M available. I deleted old emails and cleared the Blazer web browser cache and now have 7.3M free. Seems to have made at least some positive impact on the sluggish response. Other insights are very much welcome and appreciated.
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    that is odd, 7mb only. I have at least 10 more apps AGP included and I have 15mb free. Try moving docs to go to the card using dataviz tool (look for it here) that should free another 4mb. download palminternals (look for it here) to find out what is running & slowing down your device.
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