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    I wish someone made/sold these cables and adapter all in one place. I ended up making one and buying the adapter from Macmedia. This is my idea of the ultimate roadwarrior cable kit for my Treo 650. The only thing that would be better, is if the ends of the cables were removable, so I only needed one cable and 3 sets of ends.

    I wanted to charge my Treo 650, my Plantronics Discovery 640 and my TomTom Bluetooth GPS all from my USB port on my PC. I also wanted an AC/DC adapter so I could charge any of them via AC or a rental car.

    I started with a Seidio USB Retractable Sync/Charge cable. I use this to charge and sync my Treo 650 from my laptop.

    I wanted to do the same thing with my Plantronics Discovery 640. The Discovery 640 has a charge connector for Nokia phones. I bought the following cable from CompUsa to charge the Plantronics:

    Finally, I couldn't find a USB cable for the TomTom Bluetooth GPS. So I took apart an old USB retractable cable that I had and soldered a "B" size connector from Radio Shack on the end.

    Now that I had cables for each of my devices to charge off my PC. I just needed to find a good AC/DC USB charger. I purchased the Powerflex charger from MacMedia ( It runs off AC or DC and provides 1.2 amps of USB power.

    I've attached a picture of everything.. Just thought I'd pass along the ideas in case someone else needed something like this. It's great for me, as a road warrior. I'm always trying to lighten my load, but still be able to recharge in case of emergency.
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    i use the IGO power supply with ITIPS. this allows me to charge my laptop in the car or from the wall, charge my TREO while charging the laptop and i use the Nokia adapter for the 640 and a ITIP for it. Not sure about TOM TOM since i use copilot on my laptop for GPS ( Now i only carry 1 power supply for my laptop and I can charge my cell and headset. My GPS is wired to the laptop via USB.
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