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    In the 6 months I have had my T650, I have had occasional resets but now I am getting several each day that wipe out my prefs. I have backups of the prefs files, so I am back up and running quickly but this is a pain. I have installed several apps recently including TakePhone, Agendus Pro, and Datebk6 (long time user of Datebk5). I initially thought it was TakePhone and uninstalled it but the resets continue, although fewer of them. Also Chatter has been resetting quite often.

    Does tis seem like a hardware or software problem? Do I need to do a hard reset and start over or would Resco Locker be of any help? Thanks for any help
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    I too have had this happen and found Resco Locker a good solution to helping me fix the problem, CallFilter did this to my phone daily if not hourly, plus Agendus has been weird on mine too, I have left it since. Good luck
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    See my thread on my attempts to get a stable Treo
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    Takephone is very stable, Agendus is pretty stable (never causes crashes outside of Agendus anyway, except for the stray double-alarm), etc..

    I think you have some bad programs, watch ERR in the phone application (#*377 enter for Cingular or ##377# I think for Sprint) and keep an eye on what programs are crashing.

    Resco can help by locking the applications that are resident. I have had one prefs loss in about two months.

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