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    I have a 2005 Acura TL and a Sprint 650 TREO (PalmOne) and I am having problems paring the phone to the car. This is the second TREO I have had and I have the latest update 1.12a. With the previous update there were not issues.

    The first one paired with no problem. The second one is not pairing and generates this error message - A Bluetooth accessory was found. All trusted devices created with the old accessory are not valid with this accessory.

    I have done the following things with no success.
    1. Deleted the previous phone from the car and paired the second phone. The error message is still generated.
    2. I have deleted the HandfreeLink from the phone as a trusted device and re attempted the paring process. Still the error message is the same.

    In each instance the pairing process works until I leave the car and re enter or the Bluetooth is turned off and then turned back on.

    In each case I would have to restart the paring process from the beginning.

    Is there another solution that I have not tried? Thanks for your assistance.
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    Does not look promising.

    I did a search on "Acura TL" and these were two of the many returns I found:
    Post #6

    You might Private message these people if they ever resolved their issues. . . .

    Cheers, Perry
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    I'm not sure I'm being helpful here, but did you try deleting the phone from your TL, hard resetting your Treo and then trying to re-pair?

    I can use my GSM Treo 650 in my 2005 TL with the following isssues:

    About every third call placed by using the TL Voice Command will reset my Treo.

    If I place a call using my Treo, I can hear the other party on the Treo but not on the TL speakers. Also, the calling party cannot hear me.

    If I am on a Bluetooth call and turn off the car and walk away, the bluetooth link stays active. This leaves the Treo speaker and mic off until I get out of range from the car.
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    I had a lot of trouble pairing my TL with my Sprint 650 also. Update 1.12a helped the most. Try the hard reset without installing any apps, including Documents to Go & see if that works. The Treo is now a HFL approved phone, so there is hope, or at least support at both ends. Even though mine is successfully paired, it still has the occasional crash on dialing.
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    If you look at the TL manual you will find that you can manually transfer the call from the car to the phone or vice-versa by using the voice command "Transfer".

    So before you turn off your car transfer the call to your phone and you should be good to go. Additionally, if you start a call on your Treo you should do this to hear it through your cars speakers.

    I have the Cingular 650 and a 2005 TL and it seems to work properly. I have not had any resets yet, but I have only had the car for a few weeks and really haven't used the Handsfree much.
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    DH Anderson:
    Thanks for your solution. I have tried to use the command "transfer" and I get the message - No paired phones. Although I have just paired the phone and it was successful.

    The problem seems to be that once I have successfully paired the phone to the car and the phone either resets, bluetooth is turn off then back on. The pairing is no longer.

    Once that is the case, I have to re pair the phone all over again and hope that it last more than few hours. I am trying not to perform a hard reset but that seems my only option at this point.
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    Sorry, can't help you with the pairing thing. I can turn my phone off and disable bluetooth without the pairing ever being lost. I haven't had to re-pair my phone yet since I got the TL. (knock on wood)
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    What features are you having supported in your TL? I have a 650 with an RL and don't get signal strength or battery, just a naked antenna.

    Is there a way to get more?

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    I get signal strength, but not battery.
    Name dialing works properly, but you have to store each number with a spoken name individually through the car.
    My caller ID in the car only displays the number, not the name.

    Any other features in particular you were wondering about?

    I have had some wierd issues with loosing cell reception for a minute or two after making a call through my car... Although this could be coincidence and not be related to the phone call over bluetooth...
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    What version of Treo do you have? I am on Unlocked GSM 650 with 1.13 firmware.

    Do you have to attempt a call twice (on every call) for it to go through?
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    I have the cingular 650.
    Firmware 01.51
    Software Treo650-1.17-CNG
    Hardware A

    My calls go through on the first attempt.
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    I have Unlocked GSM Treo 650
    Firmware 01.28
    Software Treo650-1.13-ROW
    Hardware A

    I also do not get signal strength or battery, just a naked antenna.

    Once paired, my phone stays paired.

    Today I had to try 3 times to get a call through. I'm wondering if some third party application could be causing the crashes.
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    I have a 2006 TL and don't have issues pairing with my Cingular Blue 650. I use the phone a lot in the car and so far I have had only one phone reset.
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    I wonder if th enew Software, 1.17 and new firmware have impoved the Bluetooth capability in the 650 so it will work more conistently with the Acura.

    Any ide a when it will be available for an Unlocked GSM?

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