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    I am not a Skweezer Pro user Yet.
    I would in a heartbeat if the following could be resolved.
    I get this message: ("Skweezer® Notification The redirect limit has been exceeded.") whenever I do a search forums at
    I don't have any probs with TC when I use MobileLeap instead.
    But I still like the look of Skweezer better and want to buy Pro, but only if we can get this resolved.

    Xiino is so much cleaner with Skweezer

    Again the message:
    Skweezer® Notification
    The redirect limit has been exceeded.

    Just call me Berd.
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    Some web sites would not allow re-direction of traffic so you may not be able to get this resolved.
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    I like Skweezer too, but with Xiino, I can't log into all of my preferences, which in term pretty much makes it useless with that browser.

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